Thursday, August 3

Adventures in the Zoo: Native American Games
11am-1pm; Free!

Native American children of all tribes played games to help develop adult survival skills such as hunting, swimming, cooking, balance, stealth, and hand-eye coordination. Of course, the games were also very entertaining! Join the staff of Elgin Public Museum for some historic fun in the sun during this free program in Lords Park. Sponsored by the Friends of Lords Park Zoo. No registration or ticket required.


Friday, August 4

PAWS on the Porch: What is a Cow?
11- 12:30 PM; Free!

Join EPM staff at the Lords Park Zoo for the Preschool Awareness World Series. Meet near the farm house porch for miniature nature lessons geared toward ages 3-6. The topic this time is cool cows! Come on down to hear stories, sing songs, make crafts and for other hands-on activities. Sponsored by Friends of Lords Park Zoo. No registration required.


Sunday, August 6

JG’s Reptile Road Show
12-1pm; Free!

Join us at Lords Park Zoo for an exciting, educational and hands-on experience with reptiles found all over the world. You will get to learn about, see and handle creatures like the bearded dragon, Burmese python, African bullfrog, black throat monitor, Sulcata tortoise and more! Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with these incredible animals that most people fear and misunderstand.

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Wednesday, August 9

Adventures in the Zoo: Owls
11am-1pm; Free!

Learn about the natural history and unique adaptations of these birds of prey. Discover the specialized eyes, ears, talons and feathers of these perfect predators. See owl specimens up close, sift through the skeletal remains of an owl pellet, and watch demonstrations. Sponsored by the Friends of Lords Park Zoo. No registration or ticket required.


Friday, August 11

Climate Change, Past and Present - An Illustrated Presentation by Ray Wiggers
7pm; 7$ non members, 5$ members, registration required

Raymond Wiggers, author of the popular guidebook Geology Underfoot in Illinois,presents a new and surprising look at our planet’s dramatic, 4.6-billion-year history—through the lens of ancient and modern climate change, as revealed by cutting-edge research in the geologic, biologic, and atmospheric sciences. While much of modern scientific inquiry justly focuses on the challenges posed by human-induced global warming in the twenty-first century, we now also understand that the Earth has repeatedly veered from greenhouse to icehouse conditions long before humanity had evolved.

In this compelling and richly illustrated talk, Mr. Wiggers explains this new narrative of “deep time”: how our world has experienced vast periods of iceless conditions at its poles, of times when even the equatorial oceans froze, and of the horrifying event when the atmosphere became so toxic that almost all forms of advanced life died in the greatest of all mass extinctions. As Mr. Wiggers notes in this lecture, “We can no longer assume that the Earth is a stable haven for life as we know and prefer it.

We must understand that it is a remarkably sensitive system capable of astonishingly quick—and sometimes deadly—change.”

For more info on this and other talks, e-mail Ray Wiggers at or visit Registration Required.

For more information or to register, call 847-741-6655 or email


Tuesday, August 15

Greyhound! Mr. Baker and His Horse
7pm; 7$ non members, $5 members

St. Charles was once the home to a legend! He was the star of Mr. (Colonel) Baker’s Hotel Baker Stables, the great grey gelding Greyhound, the “Grey Ghost”. Throughout his career Greyhound set an astonishing 25 world records, sent a spark that ignited the Harness Racing industry in Europe and gave millions of fans reason to smile during the trying years of the Great Depression and world War II. Come enjoy the untold story – the tale of a deep, life-changing friendship between the man and his horse. Lecture and historic film clips presented by local resident Vanessa Bell-LaSota, author of the upcoming book, Greyhound! Mr. Baker and His Horse. Registration required. Please call to reserve your seat. Refreshments provided.