Friday, September 14

Jurassic Science Night
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm; $2 per person, EPM members free

Exploring the world of dinosaurs has never been so much fun! Discover brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, and more fascinating creatures that ruled Earth 65 million years ago. Learn what it takes to be a paleontologist, and even make your own fossil! So kids and their families, dust off your hard hats, get your hands dirty with excavations, activities, and demonstrations set up around the Museum. No registration required.


Monday, September 24

Talk Water with Mayor Dave Kaptain
7:00 pm; $7 per person, EPM members free

Looking at the Earth's surface, we should be called the blue planet. There is more water than land. Yet, less than three percent of Earth's water is fresh water. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, most of that three percent is inaccessible - found in icecaps, glaciers, and underground. Of all the water on Earth, more than 99 percent of Earth's water is inaccessible to humans and many other living animals. It seems extraordinary that the water that supports life on Earth is so scarce. With this stunning realization comes a recognition that we must utilize this resource very wisely.

Mayor Dave Kaptain will talk about how to make better consumer, voter, and community choices by becoming informed on how to better use our resources, the ramifications of misuse, and solutions and actions to prevent fresh water issues.


Saturday, September 29

Bison Feeding in Lords Park
7:00 am - 8:30 am $2/adult, $1/child, EPM members free

Come on down to the Elgin Join us for an up close and personal look at the bison, deer and elk at the Lords Park Zoo. Meet at the Museum for a short introduction after which we head for the zoo to assist the zookeeper in feeding these magnificent creatures. Space is limited to 12 people, so please register early! Sponsored by the Friends of Lords Park Zoo.