Dogs and People: A Partnership

Humans share a unique bond that is unparalleled by any other domesticated animal. Dogs have changed human life forever. They are our partners in hunting and herding. They are healers and protectors. They guide us to unknown territories and are used as status symbols. Most of all, dogs are our friends and companions.

The Protector: Doberman

The Doberman was bred in Germany in the late 1870s by tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who wanted an intimidating, fearless dog to protect him on the road and “encourage” people to pay their taxes.

The Hauler: Huskie

Sled dogs, like huskies, must be small enough to live on little food, but large enough to pull lots of weight. Some sled dogs cover 1,000 miles over eight days, making them one of the fastest land animals over long distances!

The Hunter: Saluki

The saluki is among the oldest dog breeds – they go back to 7,000 BCE. These sighthounds (dogs bred to hunt) were special favorites of kings including Egyptian pharaohs and Alexander the Great.

The Sacred Symbol: Pekingese

The Pekingese was first recorded 2,000 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty when China became a Buddhist kingdom. The lion that Buddha tamed as a faithful servant and powerful protector didn’t exist in China. So the monks bred the smallest, hairiest dogs to create a miniature lion.

Discover more about these dogs and others that have helped shape the human experience. This exhibit will be up through the summer.