Saturday, April 6

Story Hour

11-12 PM

Children explore the natural world through stories and exhibits at the Elgin Public Museum. This month we will read about Turtles! Donations welcome. No registration required.

Tuesday, April 9

Audubon’s Adventures in Illinois

7 PM; ; $7; $5 for EPM members

Spend an hour in the studio of one of America’s greatest naturalists and wildlife artist. Listen to tales of his adventures in Illinois 200 years ago, the stories of birds he painted, his encounters with the Indians and his epic walk across our state in the spring of 1811. Audubon will enchant you with stories of his travels and travails in the wildest places on the planet. He will celebrate the natural history of the Illinois as he saw it in the early 1800s. Audubon will bring to life bird behavior, focusing on the birds you are most likely to see as you go bird watching in your area. Audubon followed the annual migrations of birds throughout North America in the 1820s and 1830s, keeping meticulous journals on the birds he saw. With lessons on field ecology, the scientific method, art history, and bird migration, the audience is invited to imitate birds and discuss the life histories of their favorite feathered friends. Storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis portrays Audubon in these entertaining and meticulously researched monologues drawing from Audubon’s journals, essays, and letters to his friends and colleagues.

Friday, April 12

Story Hour

6-8 PM; $2 per person, members free

Fight back against flu season by learning all about germs: bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and more! Learn the difference between good bacteria (yes, it exists!) and the kind that is best avoided. Through games and demonstrations, discover just how easy it is for germs to spread, and learn what you can do to prevent it. Being sick is no fun, so let’s have some fun learning how to stay healthy! This is a drop-in event; no registration required.

Saturday, April 20

Natural Egg Dyeing

12-2 PM; Fee: $2 for 2 eggs

Use natural dyes – onion skins, spices, berries and much more – just like native peoples and pioneers used before chemical dyes were available. Test out new design techniques on your eggs and explore the Museum while eggs are drying. No registration required for this drop-in program.

Friday, April 26

Peter Olson Drawing Workshop

6-8 pm; 7$; 5$ for EPM members

Peter Olson will be back at the museum to conduct a drawing lesson. You will be able to draw a bird from up close and get tips from Pete! There is no experience needed. Just bring paper and pencils. Please register by giving us a call at (847) 741-6655 or at epm@cityofelgin.org

Sunday, April 28

Saved By Zero

1 PM; Free

Join us for a screening of "Racing to Zero: In Pursuit of Zero Waste," a short film about a city that is transforming its trash disposal to reduce its carbon footprint. Followed by a solution-focused discussion on how to recycle and reuse your own trash! This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY event . . . A recycled craft for kids will be offered.

Saturday, April 27

Bison Feeding in Lords Park

We are sorry to announce that this month’s bison feeding has been cancelled. Our next bison feeding will be June 29.